Doing Business in America

Foreign Qualification
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All companies, whether LLCs or Corporations, have a home State, the place where they were formed. 

However, business oportunities many times implies doing transactions outside of the home State.

When doing business in other states, you should identify if it is necessary to register your entity in such states to be able to do business there.

In general, occasional transactions (e.g. one transaction every 6 months) do not make it necessary to register your entity, nor do it the simply delivery of merchandise by currier in other states.

The answer it is not straight forward, and every state has it own rules, but you may use the following considerations to have a good sense if you may require the registration or not.

If you have decided to expand your business to a different state from your home state, we make the process for you to have your business registered in the state that you have chosen, so you could focus on making your business to growth.

We care about your business expansion!

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